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Cheap Trick Lap of Luxury

1.Cheap Trick: Lap of Luxury
2.Van Halen: Best Of Volume 1
3.Bon Jovi: Cross Road 〜The Best Of Bon Jovi
1.Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Greatest Hits of Kenny Loggins
2.Kenny Loggins: Outside from the Redwoods
3.Kenny Loggins: Alive
1.The Heart Of Rock & Roll - Best Of Huey Lewis & The News
2.Eric Clapton-album-Tokyo, 2001(Live)
3.Eric Clapton-album-24 Nights(Live)
1.Debbie Gibson Anything Is Possible
2.Debbie Gibson Think With Your Heart
3.Debbie Gibson Deborah (Moonchild)
1.Debbie Gibson Out of the Blue
2.Debbie Gibson Electric Youth
3.Debbie Gibson Greatest Hits
1.Eric Clapton: BALLADS
2.Eric Clapton: Unplugged
3.Carly Simon Have You Seen Me Lately
1.Rod Stewart: If We Fall in Love Tonight
2.Rod Stewart: Unplugged
3.Carly Simon Anticipation